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Meet the Mars Men Raffle

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Jul. 5th, 2006 | 10:17 am
posted by: athenacqd in vm_campaigns

Hey there Everyone!

If you are a member of rack_of_lamb or veronica_mars then you have probably heard about the Men from Mars raffle that cloud_watchers is hosting.  Either way, we've tinkered with the contest a bit to hopefully accomodate some requests we've received.  Check below the cut for details on how YOU can meet your favorite Men from Mars for just 10 dollars....

Chances are, you have seen the promos for the Booster Entertainment "Men from Mars" panel on one of many VM communities.  What you may not know is that we are hosting a raffle to give away $600 of "merchandise." This prize includes 2 weekend passes to the event PLUS a PHOTO OP with Jason Dohring, Michael Muhney, and Francis Capra.  This professional photo with the super hotties will be provided to you and your guest plus I'm betting at least one of the Mars Men will put his arm around you.  See?  Awesome, right?  

The contest was originally slated to end at midnight on July 31.  Due to popular request, we've decided to bump that date up to midnight on July 27th with winners revealed by NOON on JULY 28.  This gives the winner and their guest three weeks to plan to take off work, purchase plane tickets if necessary, and prepare for an all around awesome trip.

To purchase raffle ticket(s), please send 10 dollars per ticket to cloudwatchersraffle@gmail.com via paypal.  Indicate in the comments portion of the purchase form how many tickets you are buying.  Within 24 hours you will receive your raffle number(s).

Contest winners are only provided the tickets to the event and the photo op and will be responsible for all their own travel arrangements to and from the event.  The Booster Event is at the Burbank Hilton in Burbank, CA on August 18-20.


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