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Double or Nothing

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Aug. 25th, 2006 | 02:43 pm
posted by: frankdbunny in vm_campaigns

This past Sunday, several Veronica Mars fans attended the brainstorming session on WatchVeronicaMars.net, and came up with many ideas to hook new viewers. If you weren't able to make it, that's ok. You can still help by participating in any of these campaigns. More information is under the cut.

Season 3: Double or Nothing

As most of you know by now, the CW has paired Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars for their Tuesday night lineup. The network execs, people connected with VM, TV writers, and fans are excited and hopeful about the pairing of these two critically-acclaimed, Logan-loving, pop-culture-referencing, chick-centered shows. However, this sense of hopeful optimism is tinged by the knowledge that the ratings for Veronica Mars almost have to double in order to keep in line with the ratings for Gilmore Girls. If the VM ratings don't hit the mark within the first few episodes, there's a chance that the show might be cancelled.

The CW network execs took a gamble by renewing Veronica Mars. Now it's up to the fans to help make sure that gamble pays off. With the pressure for higher ratings at an all-time high, this is not the time to stand idly by. Here's a list of activities that fans can do to increase awareness, buzz, and hopefully the number of viewers by the October 3rd season premiere. We don't expect one person to actually do every single activity listed. No one is that efficient. Not even Veronica. But as long as everyone does a little something, then we as a fandom can accomplish a whole heck of a lot.

Student Council
Organize a B.Y.O.N. (Bring Your Own Newbie) premiere party. Organize some type of fan swap with other TV fandoms.

Art Club
Design Veronica Mars-related fliers, icons, banners, T-shirts, etc.

Audio Visual Club
Help set up the technical equipment so that the B.Y.O.N. premiere parties can be linked to each other.

Booster Club
Use fliers, icons, banners, T-shirts, $1 bills, radio stations, Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, YouTube, etc. to promote the show.

Couch Potatoes
Participate in the fan swap campaigns. Attend a B.Y.O.N. premiere party.

Future Business Leaders of America
Donate money to the DVD drive or a local B.Y.O.N. premiere party.

Future Filmmakers Club
Create videos that pimp the show.

Literature Club
Fill out the "Tell Me What to Watch" form on Ellen Degeneres's website. Take part in the Vlogathon (Veronica Mars Blogathon).

For complete details on each campaign, visit WatchVeronicaMars.net

(Info from thePCH.net)

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Netflix and Blockbuster reviews

from: anonymous
date: Sep. 4th, 2006 12:37 am (UTC)

I think you all need to convince everyone with a Netflix or Blockbuster online account to post reviews and ratings on the shows dvds, regardless of if they rented it or not. According to Wired magazine this month, Netflix uses that information very effectively to recommend the DVDs to people who would like them. Its relatively quick and easy as well.

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